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Nadine is 20 years old and from our home town and church in Nelspruit, South Africa. She has been assisting us for the past 8 months.

We (The Strydom family), also known as The Unconventional Family, are a special needs family with a purpose. We have a 7 year old daughter, Anika, who was born with Spina Bifida and is a wheelchair user. We also lost a daughter named Esti to a severe heart condition. Our 3rd child is a healthy, busy 2 year old boy named Reuben.

Nadine forms a key part of our support structure by helping out with the kids in general, including helping us to take care of Anika’s special needs and Anika’s home schooling assistance, while we, Matt (Tertius) and Annel, can focus parts of our day on running our business online, which in turn enables us to share our story of hope.

We made the big decision to start travelling full time in 2018 to share how it’s possible to live a full life whilst having challenging circumstances. We aim to travel the world and show (through our blog and other social media channels), more than just tell, other families with challenges that living a full life is a choice.

We aim to support this mission/ministry by running our business whilst travelling and sharing our story. This is where Nadine comes in. She is key to make all of this work. We can only succeed in our mission when our business can support us financially and for that we need free work time. Nadine already has an awesome relationship with the children and she understands Anika’s home schooling system.

We need your help to raise the R27 000 needed to fund her part of the trip to Europe during the summer of 2018. We can support some of the costs in having her travel along but without your support this won’t be possible.

We aim to leave South Africa for Europe by mid June 2018 and will need the necessary funds secured before then to assist with flights, visa costs and insurance. Every cent of the funds donated will be used towards Nadine’s travel and living costs.

Being from South Africa, our currency is very weak against the Euro, Dollar and Pound. This makes travelling extremely expensive for us.

Every rand you donate will make a huge difference to Nadine, us The Strydom Family and every person that hear our story.

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