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Work with Us

Whilst our dream is to show the world to our children we also equally want to share our story of hope with the world.

Although our aim is to become financially independent through passive income streams, online business, etc, we’re not there yet.

We will welcome any assistance, sponsorships, following, sharing and even a simple invite to supper or to stay over.

Being from South Africa, we’ve got to stretch our current resources to the limits because of our currency being weak against most first world currencies. This makes travelling very expensive as flights, visas, living expenses, insurance, etc are mostly dollar/euro based.

We see and accept this as part of our journey to become more humble and learn to ask for, and accept help, from good hearted people.

These are some of the ways to assist:

  • Financial sponsorship (Once-off or on-going)
  • Product sponsorship (We will be happy to do honest review articles and to share to our following)
  • Accommodation & travelling sponsorship
  • Paid articles/adverts on our website and social media channels
  • Media exposure in print or alternative media channels
  • Social media following, sharing and exposure

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